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Selling made simple. The platform for builders.

A better way to get paid.

Get paid easier, quicker and keep everything connected with Discord.

Send invoices from Discord!

Sell your schematics, list your comissions, send quick invoices on Discord, and collect all your payments seamlessly with PayPal.
Keep it all connected, on one platform.

Discord Invoices

Type a command and send your clients a convenient link to pay your PayPal account a specified amount. For example, typing in Discord: !invoice $50 "food", will send your client a convenient link to pay your account $50 for food. Clients can also type !pay $50, it's that simple. Hint: add some schematics and try !store.


Upload your schematic files, add your price, pictures and descriptions. Customers can purchase your schematics while you sleep, and you'll recieve payments instantly.

Custom Comissions

Offer your building services to the world! Name your rates, sizes, styles and timelines. Customers pay upfront, and notifications get sent to your Discord.

Always in sync

Whether you're sending invoices on Discord or selling schematics on your store, all of your activity is synced and accesible on your MCX dashboard.

Discord Notifications

As you receive orders, requests or payments, notifications sent to your dashboard will also be sent to your Discord. You can turn this feature off in your account settings.

Paypal Integration

Enter your paypal account once, and begin receiving payments for everything. Payments for your commissions, schematics and Discord invoices, will all be sent to your connected PayPal account. You may change your PayPal in your account settings.